165 days ago

This week I've finished Stone Warriors, the next book in the Mesolithic series. Now I'm editing and tweaking the story. My method of editing is quite 'forensic' - I look at every paragraph and ask myself whether its inclusion is justified. Does it move the story on, or is it just filling a space?

Someone asked me why I'm writing another story about Zeta and her tribe.  Quite simply, I've become so attached to the characters that I'm not ready to leave them! I wanted to know myself what happened next and this evolved as I wrote through the way the characters behaved in certain situations. In other words, they often ended up telling their own stories. 

Next time I'll show you more about how I plot. How once I've got my main characters, I write in one sentence what the story's going to be about. I knew that in both books, the characters had journeys to make and on those journeys there had to be obstacles to overcome.