199 days ago

Hi there,

Apart from writing my other hobbies are dog training and birdwatching. This picture is of Garbo, my Doberman, who died in 2021 at the grand age of 15 and a half. The amazing dog photographer, Del Waghorn, took a series of Garbo doing agility and photos of my Chihuahuas. 

I was going to tell you about training a fox! They are harder to work with than a dog because their spirit is still wild - I imagine it's much like trying to train a wolf. I had Vicky from ten days old, but didn't start with the collar and lead until she was about two months old. I would just put the collar on whilst feeding her titbits, minding my fingers at the same time - a fox's teeth are like needles. Gradually I would add the lead, but leading her wasn't easy as she'd lean to one side in an effort to get away. I did get her jumping logs and a little agility course I made, but unlike Garbo, Vicky had to be on the lead. In fact, when she was out and about, she was always on the lead. Staying to heel and listening to instructions, is not in a fox's DNA! 

Here is Del's website in case you'd like some photos taken of your dog