Amy Groves Q&A

Q&A with Amy Groves, illustrator at Numpty Doodles.

How did you find illustrating Stone Arrows and working with the author?

In short, I loved every minute! The story was so vivid and full of adventure that it took me back to my childhood playing bows and arrows with my friends in the woods. I instantly saw the images in my mind as I read. Having this instant connection with the text is so important to the creative process.

When I met Elizabeth to talk about the story, her passion for the characters made them come alive even more.
The Mesolithic era had already captured my intrigue, but delving into it with her guidance ignited a new depth in my drawings—an infusion of knowledge that fueled my creative spark.

The whole process has been a pleasure and I’m so proud to have been a part of it.

When did you start illustrating?

I officially started full time illustrating in 2021, but really I’ve been doodling and illustrating since I was in school. I was always doing it amongst other jobs, but during Covid I realised I wanted to finally take the leap, follow one of my biggest dreams and gave up everything else to pursue it.

What drew you to illustration?

Being dyslexic, school was always a challenge so I used to busy myself doodling all over my books, much to my teachers dismay. I would always be drawn to picture books, getting lost in my visual imagination. I was captivated by the illustrations and bringing them to life in my head. 

Now, I love bringing stories to life through my visual interpretations and hope to help others get lost in a world of visual imagination.

What types of illustrations do you most enjoy creating?

I find immense joy in creating anything with movement or a human element, as that’s what I was always drawn to growing up.

Do you have a dedicated workspace for illustrating?

Yes, I've carefully curated a special workspace that fuels my creative process. Nestled in the corner of our dining room with loads of natural light, it's a haven of little bits and bobs that spark a memory, feeling or just bring me joy. This is where my ideas come to life.