Stone Arrows

Stone Arrows

28 September 2023

When Zeta’s father is killed she and her brother Finn, together with Zeta’s pet wolf Kuba, are forced to flee across the country to seek sanctuary with their mother’s birth tribe. On this perilous journey they have to learn to outwit their pursuers and put into practice all their hunting skills and knowledge of the land. Will they survive the journey and be accepted by their mother’s tribe? And can they save their friend Arden from certain death?

Set in 7000 BCE around the middle of the Mesolithic period of hunter gatherers and based on careful research, Stone Arrows is an original novel combining an exciting adventure with historical detail. It paints a wonderful picture of how life was lived in these far off times – the terrain, the wild animals, the clothing, the sights and smells – while telling an engaging and fast moving story.



***** Such a great story! daughter is loving it and I'm looking forward to discussing it with her when she finishes it which won't be long as she doesn't want to put it down! 

***** A great adventure story - I was invested in this story from the very first page. The story has many twists and turns which makes it an exciting read...

*****Stone Arrows should be in every primary school in England - Stone Arrows is a rare beast; a book for children which informs by stealth, letting the young reader absorb information without realising they are doing so while, at the same time, being drawn into an engaging and fast moving story. 

***** I felt like I was in the moment! From the moment I picked this book up I felt like I was there....The book is not aimed at my age group, but I enjoyed reading and learning, I also enjoyed the kindness and brutality of life which ran through the story...

*****I loved it! A great book with a brilliant, moving story. There are brave characters who feel really real and exiting scenes with lots of action. It also taught me about pre-history in a really exiting way. Reggie aged 11.